BLUESKY National Tree Map (NTM)

Location, height (meters) and canopy/crown extension (square meters) for every single tree 3m and above in height for England and Wales.
The dataset is made of three layers:
- crown polygons (individual trees or closely grouped tree crowns)
- idealised crowns (crown polygons idealised to circles, maintaining the true area)
- height points (detailed center point and height of each crown)

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Format of the dataset : ESRI shapefile

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Tree heights and size of the canopy are extracted from aerial photography using photogrammetric techniques. Data sources include Bluesky RGB/CIR aerial photography and digital elevation models derived form Bluesky LIDAR data. The dataset has an accuracy of >90% of canopy coverage. The height accuracy is of +/- 1.5m.




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OSGB 1936 / British National Grid


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