Cultures and values of nature and wellbeing: Qualitative research with urban residents in Sheffield 2017-2019

This dataset includes fully anonymised participant information, fully anonymised interview transcripts from audio-recorded interviews with 55 urban residents aged 17 to 86 years living in a UK northern city, and participants' anonymised drawings of 'feel good nature places'. The data were collected in seeking to understand cultures and values of nature and mental wellbeing among urban residents, particularly in the context of cultural background, gender, age, urban deprivation and levels of mental health. The project population sample was weighted to include more people of Black, Asian and Ethnic Minority background and more people living in an area of urban deprivation.

Publication date: 2020-01-20

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2017-04-01    to    2019-02-28

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In depth life course interviews were carried out with 55 Sheffield adult residents. We heard from 20 young people (17-27 yrs); 16 mid-age adults (40-54 years) and 19 older adults (over 70 years) in order to understand nature experience through stages often allied with mental health pressures (Mental Health Foundation 2010). We used purposive sampling to include more BAME residents (n=32) and people living in areas classified as urban deprived (n=40) to help us hear from people previously considered as ‘low users’ of nature according to the Monitor of Engagement with the Natural Environment study (MENE 2015). The interview participants were recruited from a wide range of community groups and services in Sheffield, none of which had nature or environment as their focus.

Data were sourced from audio/hand recorded interviews which were transcribed - mostly by a professional transcriber and occasionally by the researcher or in one instance by the translator. A process of pseudonymisation was applied to all transcripts and drawings for analysis followed by full anonymisation to remove any identifiers. These Data are classified as Safeguarded Data. These data are not permitted to be used for commercial use. Participants have agreed that data may be shared only with researchers who apply to see the data. All data shared are fully anonymised. Data arising from the project which cannot be anonymised has not been made available for sharing. Data in this collection includes some sensitive information including disclosure of distressing mental health experiences. Participants have agreed to the conditions of sharing anonymised sensitive information. For both the interviews and workshops, ethics review and approval were provided by the University of Sheffield Department of Landscape Architecture Ethics Committee (Approval references 013454; 016352). Example consent forms are uploaded. Future researchers should be careful to uphold the terms and conditions of Safeguarded Data. Only data from participants who have consented to sharing is included in this collection


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Jo Birch
University of Sheffield


Jorgensen, A.
University of Sheffield
Birch, J.
University of Sheffield
Rishbeth, C.
University of Sheffield

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