MO Integrated Data Archive System Land and Marine Surface Stations Data [MIDAS]

This dataset contains land surface measurements as reported by stations in the UK and globally and archived in the MIDAS Land Surface Observation database at the Met Office. Parameters include daily and hourly weather observations, hourly wind parameters, max and min air temperatures, daily, hourly and sub-hourly rain measurements, soil temperature parameters, sunshine duration and radiation measurements from 1853 to date. Daily, hourly and sub-hourly measurements form a long-term record of historical UK weather conditions. The daily and hourly data are available online from UK stations in 154 UK counties. Sub-hourly rain data is available for some stations from 1853 to April 2005.

Global weather data is available from 1974 to date: Meteorological values observed at 3-hourly intervals by non-UK stations, covering Africa, Asia, South America, Central America, West Pacific, Europe and Antarctic. This dataset also includes global marine surface data from 1854 to date. Parameters include wind direction and speed, present and past weather, cloud associated parameters, visibility, air temperature, dewpoint, wet-bulb, relative humidity, sea temperature, wind wave period and height, swell direction, period and height, measured wave direction and period, etc. The data is collected by worldwide observation stations and transmitted within the following message types: Ship SYNOP, which is also referred to as FM 13-IX SHIP, FM 18-X BUOY, Light Vessel, Marid, Marine logbooks, NAVY, OWS, PLAT/RIG, and VOF.

Publication date: 2012-12-10


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1853-01-01    to    …

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OSGB 1936 / British National Grid


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