Countryside Survey water chemistry 2007

Data type for water chemistry datasets from Countryside Survey.


Field Type Description Constraints
CS_SURVEY string Year survey was performed. Minimum length : 6
Maximum length : 6
SQUARE string Sampling site code for 1km square. Minimum length : 6
Maximum length : 6
SITE_ID integer Stream site identifier, as count within the 1km square. Minimum : 1
Minimum length : 1
SAMPLE_DATE date (DD-MMM-YY) Date sample was taken. Minimum length : 9
Maximum length : 9
DETERMINAND_NAME string The chemical determinand measured.
DETERMINAND_UNITS string Units of the measured determinands.
VALUE number The measured value of the determinand. Minimum : 0
LC07 string Land class 2007, as determined by Bunce, R.G.H.; Barr, C.J.; Clarke, R.T.; Howard, D.C.; Scott, W.A. (2007). ITE Land Classification of Great Britain 2007. NERC Environmental Information Data Centre. doi:10.5285/5f0605e4-aa2a-48ab-b47c-bf5510823e8f Minimum length : 2
Maximum length : 4