GB Non Native Species Information Portal (GBNNSIP) - providing records and alerts for non-native species in Great Britain

The purpose of GBNNSIP is to collect sightings of, and provide information and alerts for, non-native species across Great Britain. Invasive non-native species (INNS) are organisms introduced by humans into areas outside their native range, for example through trade and travel. They cause growing economic, environmental and human health impacts estimated at £1.7bn a year for the UK and €12bn a year for the EU: from farming, aquaculture and horticulture to transport and construction, as well as recreation and human health. The GBNNSIP online portal and alert system provides a central repository of information on more than 3000 non-native species, of which about 2000 are considered to be established (having sustained populations) in Britain. It enables policy makers and land managers in the UK (Defra, devolved governments, Overseas Territories) and internationally (UN, other nations) to take action to control INNS and the damage they cause.
Siberian chipmunk