EA high resolution water quality monitoring

The Environment Agency operates a network of automated water quality measurement equipment for a range of purposes, including monitoring, incident response and research, called the Environmental Sensor Network (ESNET), run by the National Water Quality Instrumentation Service. There are up to 200 installations nationally, though many will be short-term.

Installations can generally return hourly water quality data including: temperature (C), electrical conductivity (µS/cm), dissolved oxygen (in % and mg/l), pH, NH4 (mg/l N), turbidity (nephelometric turbidity units) and chlorophyll (µg/l).

Data can be accessed live via a web-based dashboard, but this is not an official EA dataset.


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Provenance & quality

Chlorophyll requires a conversion factor to make it consistent with lab methanol-extract spectrophotometric determinations. Turbidity also needs to be adjusted using suspended solids data to generate a rating curve for each site.

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