Consented Discharges to Controlled Waters with Conditions (EA)

These data provide details of all permit details as required under the Environmental Permit Regulation. Information is held for all permit holders and covers all substances that are controlled. These data are a taken from the Environment Agency’s Public Register and contains three tiers of data for all active permits. 
Tier 1 – Site and General
Information on the  consent holder that has a consent to discharge into controlled waters. Consent holder and the discharge address and type.nb The date of permit issue, effective and revocation. Information where the effluent enters the environment (such as sewage disposal works) for each holder that has been granted a permit. Data is also held on the effluent type e.g. Sewage effluent, Overflow. The location of the grid reference is supplied for the effluent and the outlet location in OS Nation Grid Reference format.
Tier 2 – Effluent
Further detail is provided on the amount that can be discharged and in which time period in months. This is stored as Dry Weather Flow, Maximum Daily, Mean, Maximum Rate. Further data about the permit type and treatment type from lookup lists are provided. 
Tier 3 – Determinand Limits 
Determinands are the substances and numerical limits that make up the effluent. This could include chemical, biological, and physical limits. Textual conditions are not included. The permitted limits are included for each determinand type. Data is provided for each effluent and may contain one or more determinands depending on the complexity of the discharge.


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OSGB 1936 / British National Grid


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