EA Detailed River Network (DRN)

Large-scale, accurate and fully attributed digital river centreline covering England and Wales. The dataset has full-feature network geometry cross-referenced with OS MasterMap following Digital National Framework principles. The dataset has full-feature network geometry cross-referenced with OS MasterMap following Digital National Framework. It is made of the three following layers:
- Links: lines representing the river network. It is a river centreline dataset, based on OS MasterMap for surface features and Environment Agency culvert surveys for underground features (where available). There are many attributes associated with this dataset to enable it to be used for many different business purposes. It is topologically correct to allow it's use in network tracing tasks.
- Offline Drainage: lines representing the sections of river and drains that do not obviously connect to the main online drainage network represented by the DRN. Sections with uncertain flow direction and connectivity are presented here, although in reality some may connect to the main DRN, and be added to it as more information becomes available.
- Nodes: points representing the junctions between discrete stretches of the online DRN. It is used to assist in connectivity and flow direction, as every DRN stretch is attributed with the 'from' and 'to' nodes. Nodes are also included where line features cross, but do not intersect, such as an aqueduct passing over a river. Nodes have types to determine whether they are at for example junction or at a change in river type.

Publication date: 2012-09-30


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Network based on geometries from OS Mastermap combined with EA culvert survey information and local knowledge. The DRN is captured from the water features theme of the OS MasterMap topographic layer and built into a network using automated rules and supplemented with Environment Agency field surveys. Other input datasets and extensive local Environment Agency staff knowledge has been used to augment the core geometry to incorporate critical spatial detail and attribution, such as flow direction and path, not available from the OS mapping and to verify the accuracy of the centreline itself.

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OSGB 1936 / British National Grid


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