High resolution water quality, hydrology and ecological monitoring data from the Hampshire Avon and Tamar (2011 - 2014) [DTC project]

High resolution datasets of ecological, hydrological and water quality monitoring at approx. 11 sites across the Hampshire Avon and Tamar Defra Test Catchment (DTC) sites between 2011 and 2014, for monitoring and assessing the effects of on-farm interventions on water quality and freshwater ecology.

Datasets are available from the DTC data archive with detailed information on monitoring undertaken and protocols used, but in general consist of:

Ecological monitoring:
- Hampshire Avon DTC Deposited Fine-grained Sediment Monitoring Dataset 2010-2013 (reach-averaged masses of fine-grained sediment in the stream bed at each of the 11 Avon & Tamar DTC sites)
- Hampshire Avon DTC Diatom Monitoring Dataset 2011-2013 (diatom taxa recorded from samples taken at each of the 11 Avon & Tamar DTC sites)
- Hampshire Avon DTC Macroinvertebrate Monitoring Dataset 2010-2013 (macroinvertebrate taxa, and their abundance, found in each sample taken at the 11 Avon & Tamar DTC)
- Hampshire Avon DTC Macrophyte Monitoring Dataset 2011-2013 (list of plant taxa found, with an areal cover estimate, and associated environmental data in each surveyed reach at the 11 Avon & Tamar DTC sites)

Hydrological and water quality monitoring:
Bankside (i.e in situe) and laboratory analysis of hydrology and water quality at 9 locations across the catchments. Bankside datasets generally include 15 minute river flow, turbidity (NTU), water temperature and dissolved oxygen, though some sites also record pH, and others include rainfall as well as chlorophylls, conductivity, ammonium, nitrate, total phosphorus (TP) and total reactive phosphorus (TRP) . Laboratory analyses generally include daily samples analysed for nutrient fractions / species.

Hampshire Avon DTC sites:
- Burracott, Neet catchment
- Ebble downstream, Hampshire Avon catchment (additional bankside water quality series monitored)
- Ebble upstream, Hampshire Avon catchment (includes rainfall)
- Sem at Cool's Cottage, Hampshire Avon catchment
- Sem at Priors Farm, Hampshire Avon catchment
- Wylye at Kingston Deverill, Hampshire Avon catchment
- Wylye at Brixton Deverill, Hampshire Avon catchment (additional bankside water quality series monitored)

Tamar DTC sites:
- Caudworthy Water at Caudworthy Ford, Tamar catchment:
- Winnacott Bridge at Caudworthy Ford, Tamar catchment (no bankside hydrology and water quality)

Publication date: 2016-05-09


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Protocols for water quality monitoring, and links to descriptions or publications for the ecological monitoring methods are available via the DTC data pages provide in the online resource links.

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