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Pesticide Usage Survey (1986 -2015)

This survey by Fera is commissioned to conduct agricultural, horticultural and amenity pesticide usage surveys by the Chemicals Regulation Directorate (CRD) of the Health and Safety Executive. The reports have many important uses such as informing pesticide risk assessment (authorisation) processes, assessing the economic and/or environmental implications of the introduction of new active substances and the withdrawal/non-authorisation of pesticide products. The main use of reports is quantifying pesticide usage and changes in the use of active substances over time.

The Fera website provides references for reports from 1965 onwards but the downloadable content only starts from 1986. The reports between 1986-2010 are for Great Britain only, but after 2010 reports change to cover the whole of the United Kingdom.

Data is also downloadable in tabular format for specified region, pesticide, crop, etc.