Carstairs deprivation index for Sheffield output areas 2011

This dataset contains the calculated Carstairs Index at Output Area for Sheffield, created to facilitate spatial analysis of socioeconomic deprivation at smaller scales than is possible using the Index of Multiple Deprivation. The data were created for use in the Improving Well-being through Urban Nature project, which looked at the relationships between urban green space and health, especially mental health and well-being, using a variety of quantitative, qualitative and interventional methods, and using the English city of Sheffield as a case study.

Publication date: 2019-08-30

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Study area
Temporal extent
2011-03-27    to    2011-03-27

Provenance & quality

All data were obtained from Nomis ( The following tables were used: Male unemployment: KS602UK – Economic activity – Males, Overcrowded households: QS409EW – Persons per room – Households, No car ownership: QS416EW – Car or van availability, Low skill occupation: QS607EW – NS-SeC
We followed Paul Norman’s described methodology for 2001 data ( and Ben Wheeler’s methodology for calculating the index from 2011 census data at LSOA scale ( In short, the index uses four variables derived from census data: proportion of adult male unemployment (as a proportion of economically active males), proportion households that are overcrowded (more than one person per room), proportion of households with no car/van ownership, and proportion of residents living in households with a head of household in an unskilled or low skilled occupation (referred to as low social class). Each variable is z-scored (mean-centred and divided by standard deviation), and the z-scores are summed to give the index.


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Mears, M.
University of Sheffield


Brindley, P.
University of Sheffield
Maheswaran, R.
University of Sheffield
Mears, M.
University of Sheffield

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health,  mental health,  sheffield (district),  socio-economic indicators,  urban areas,  well-being (health)
Human Health and Safety
Natural Environment Research Council Award: NE/N013565/1
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OSGB 1936 / British National Grid
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