Comparative genomics of dessicating and non-dessicating species of bdelloid rotifers

The data describe:
Genome sequencing of desiccating bdelloid rotifers
Population genomics of bdelloid rotifers
Comparative genomics of bdelloid rotifers: evaluating the effects of asexuality and desiccation tolerance on genome evolution

This data is NERC-funded but not held by the EIDC. This data is archived in the Environmental Nucleotide Archive

Publication date: 2019-11-21


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Reference genome sequences for A. ricciae, R. macrura, and R. magnacalcarata were assembled using a combination of long- and short-read sequencing technologies

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Nowell RW, Almeida P, Wilson CG, Smith TP, Fontaneto D, et al. (2018) Comparative genomics of bdelloid rotifers: Insights from desiccating and nondesiccating species. PLOS Biology 16(4): e2004830

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Professor Timothy Barraclough
Imperial College London


Professor Timothy Barraclough
Imperial College London

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European Nucleotide Archive (ENA)

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bdelloid rotifer
Natural Environment Research Council Award: NE/M01651X/1
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