Modelled nitrogen and sulphur deposition grids for the UK for 2 vegetation types (2004-2014)

Vegetation-specific 3-year average deposition data for nitrogen and sulphur from 2004. The data are based on a spatial resolution of 5x5km. All deposition values are the sum of wet, dry and cloud deposition and are expressed in kiloequivalents per hectare per year. Data is provided for two vegetation types: forest/woodland (the dataset assumes Norway Spruce everywhere in the grid square) and moorland/low growing vegetation (the data assumes low growing vegetation everywhere in the grid square).

Publication date: 2016-02-18


Study area
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2004-01-01    to    …

Provenance & quality

Deposition data are produced using the CBED model (Concentration Based Estimated Deposition). There has been a an important methodological change in the modelling which has been applied to the data from 2004 onwards, which means these data are not comparable with previously published data for those years.

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Centre for Ecology & Hydrology


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OSGB 1936 / British National Grid


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