OS Open Rivers

Two-dimensional topologically connected watercourse network of Great Britain. It shows the flow and the locations of rivers, streams, lakes and canals, across Great Britain. The dataset has the following attributes: watercourse name, watercourse type and direction of water flow. It is part of the OS Open suite and it designed to be used with other OS OpenData datasets. It is still undergoing development as this product is beta.

Publication date: 2015-03-31


Study area

Provenance & quality

It has been automatically generalised from OS large scale data. Quality control procedures (including automated data testing against the product specification and visual checks) are undertaken at all stages of production to ensure that the data are accurate, complete and conform to the specification. The nominal scale is 1:25000 with a recommended viewing sale range of 1:15000 to 1:30000.

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Ordnance Survery


Spatial representation type
Spatial reference system
OSGB 1936 / British National Grid


Topic categories
Imagery / Base Maps / Earth Cover
Geospatial / Map National River Flow and Networks