High resolution water quality, hydrological and ecological monitoring in the river Eden catchment (2011 - 2015) [DTC project]
(The River Eden Demonstration Test Catchment (DTC) Data)

The River Eden Demonstration Test Catchment (EdenDTC) monitored water quality, hydrology and ecology across 3 sub-catchments to assess the effectiveness of diffuse pollution mitigation measures.

The focus areas are in the Thackthwaite, Newby and Pow catchments. Each catchment has an area of approximately 10km2. The stream water quality and biology were monitored to understand how the catchment responds to storm events. This work included measuring many properties of the water including the amount of nitrogen, phosphorus, sediment and total amount of water leaving the catchment.

The experimental approach used for assessing mitigation used pre-mitigation instream data to provide a baseline against which to compare post-mitigation instream conditions, and also compares a 'manipulated' (mitigated) sub-catchment with a 'non-manipulated' (control) sub-catchment.

Publication date: 2016-07-19