CEH digital river network of Great Britain (1:50,000)

This dataset comprises river centrelines, digitised from OS 1:50,000 mapping. It consists of four components: rivers; canals; surface pipes (man-made channels for transporting water such as aqueducts and leats); and miscellaneous channels (including estuary and lake centre-lines and some underground channels). This dataset is a representation of the river network in Great Britain as a set of line segments, i.e. it does not comprise a geometric network.

Publication date: 2000-12-31

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This dataset consists of a series of digitised lines representing waterways in GB. This dataset may be used for mapping of rivers and streams but it is NOT a geometric network and therefore should not be used for applications that require network connectivity.

Bespoke licensing and/or fees may apply to these data. If you choose to download the data, the CEH Data Licensing team will contact you to discuss your exact requirements.


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1984-01-01    to    …

Provenance & quality

The dataset was produced within a long-term project of the Institute of Hydrology (now CEH) between the mid-1970s and the late 1990s. The project digitised, (either manually or using 'laser scanners') the "blue line" layer of the Ordnance Survey's 1:50,000 2nd series (Landranger) maps. The dataset consists of all the single blue lines from the source maps, plus centre-lines from double sided rivers, lakes and estuaries. All gaps in the source material have been closed, using local knowledge where necessary, to give a river network that is continuous from source to mouth

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Moore, R.V.
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OSGB 1936 / British National Grid


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