Daily and sub-daily hydrometeorological and soil data (2013-2016) [COSMOS-UK]

This dataset contains daily and sub-daily hydrometeorological and soil observations from COSMOS-UK (cosmic-ray soil moisture monitoring network) from the start of the network, in October 2013, to the end of 2016. These data are from 42 sites active across UK during this time, recording a range of hydrometeorological and soil variables. Each site in the network hosts a cosmic-ray sensing probe; a novel sensor technology which can be used, in combination with hydrometeorological data, to calculate the volumetric water content of soil over a field scale. The hydrometeorological and soil data are recorded at a 30 minute resolution and they include neutron counts from the Cosmic-ray sensing probe, humidity and atmospheric pressure data that are used to derive volumetric water content at two temporal resolutions (hourly and daily). Also included are soil heat flux, air temperature, wind speed and net radiation data which are used to derive potential evapotranspiration at a daily resolution.

Publication date: 2018-07-25

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2013-10-01    to    2016-12-31

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Provenance & quality

Hydrometeorological and soil variables are recorded on site and telemetered to a central data system at CEH Wallingford every hour. These data are then loaded to an Oracle database and subject to quality control tests. Soil volumetric water content data are derived from 30 minute hydrometeorological data and data from the cosmic-ray sensing probe by python scripts run every hour and at the end of the day a daily value is calculated. The data are calculated using the method outlined in Evans et al. (2016). Potential evapotranspiration data are derived by python scripts at the end of the day from the hydrometeorological data according to the Penman-Monteith method (FAO 56).
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Air temperature,  Atmospheric pressure,  Cosmic-ray sensing probe,  COSMOS-UK,  Daily,  Meteorological observations,  Net radiation,  Potential evapotranspiration,  Precipitation,  Relative/absolute humidity,  Soil heat flux,  Soil moisture,  Soil temperature,  Sub-daily,  Wind speed/direction
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