Marsden, K.A.; Holmberg, J.A.; Jones, D.L.; Chadwick, D.R.

Sheep urine patch greenhouse gas emissions from a semi-improved upland grassland in North Wales, UK

The dataset contains annual soil greenhouse gas emissions following sheep urine (real and artificial) applications to a semi-improved upland grassland in North Wales, UK, across two seasons (spring and autumn) within the year 2016-2017. Soil greenhouse gas data were collected using a combination of automated chambers and manually sampled chambers, both analysed via gas chromatography. Supporting data include meteorological data, soil chemistry and above ground biomass data collected on a time-series throughout the study, following urine application. The data were used to calculate sheep urine patch nitrous oxide emission factors from an upland environment, to improve estimates of greenhouse gas emissions from extensively grazed agroecosystems.
Publication date: 2020-02-03