Estop-Aragones, C. et al

Laboratory soil incubation respiration rates from permafrost in subarctic Canada

This dataset contains measures of laboratory soil incubation respiration rates from permafrost in subarctic Canada. Samples from soil cores were incubated in the laboratory to quantify CO2 and CH4 gas production rates at two different temperatures under both anoxic and oxic incubations. Soil cores were sampled from a peatland plateau and a thawing feature of the peatland plateau and from a unburnt and a burnt black spruce forest, and also additional sites in Yukon.

Publication date: 2016-02-05

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You must cite: Estop-Aragones, C.; Fisher, J.P.; Cooper, M.A.; Thierry, A.; Treharne, R.; Murton, J.B.; Phoenix, G.K.; Charman, D.J.; Williams, M.; Hartley, I.P. (2016). Laboratory soil incubation respiration rates from permafrost in subarctic Canada. NERC Environmental Information Data Centre.


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2013-06-15    to    2014-09-15

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Soil samples from the active layer and permafrost and from organic and mineral horizons were incubated under oxic and anoxic conditions at 5 and 15 celsius degrees. Soil samples were kept wet at water holding capacity for aerobic incubations and extra water was added in anaerobic incubations to ensure saturation and water filling of soil pores. CO2 concentrations were measured using an EGM-4 Infrared Gas Analyser (PP Systems). For anoxic conditions, incubations were flushed with N2, and CO2 and CH4 concentration were measured using a EGM4 (CO2) and a DP-IR Detecto Pak (CH4) analysers. CO2 and CH4 production rates were calculated assuming linear increase in headspace concentrations. Production rates are expressed as mg of C (either C-CO2 or C-CH4) per day and gram of dry soil. Carbon and nitrogen content are expressed as percentage of dry mass.

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Williams, M.
University of Edinburgh


Estop-Aragones, C.
Exeter University
Fisher, J.P.
University of Sheffield
Cooper, M.A.
Exeter University
Thierry, A.
University of Edinburgh
Treharne, R.
University of Sheffield
Murton, J.B.
University of Sussex
Phoenix, G.K.
University of Sheffield
Charman, D.J.
Exeter University
Williams, M.
University of Edinburgh
Hartley, I.P.
Exeter University

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Environmental Information Data Centre
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Canada CH4 production,  CO2 production,  Fire,  Permafrost thawing,  Soil respiration