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Homan, T.; Hofman, J.

Spot gauged flows on the lower River Frome, Dorset, April-November 2022

This is a dataset of spot gauged river flows (m3 s-1) at multiple sites along the River Frome, Dorset, UK, conducted during the year 2022. All sites are contained within the stretch of river between the Environment Agency gauging stations located at Dorchester and East Stoke, i.e. the lower part of the River Frome. The monitoring sites included the major tributaries along this river reach, which are: the South Winterbourne, Tadnoll Brook, and the River Win. In total, 19 river channels were spot gauged at 11 river cross-sectional locations. Due to the braided nature of the river, some locations required multiple channels to be measured to produce a total cross-sectional flow for that part of the river. The river cross-sectional locations were evenly spaced, approximately every 3 km along the river reach. Measurements were taken on multiple flow accretion survey days between 12/04/2022 and 05/11/2022. On each day, as many of the sites were spot gauged as possible, working upstream to downstream.
Publication date: 2023-08-01