Fitton, N.

Projections of water scarcity in croplands, 2050

Projections of global changes in water scarcity with the current extent of croplands were combined to identify the potential country level vulnerabilities of cropland land to water scarcity in 2050. The data relate to an analysis of the impact changes in water availability will have on cropland availability in 2050.

Publication date: 2019-07-24

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You must cite: Fitton, N. (2019). Projections of water scarcity in croplands, 2050. NERC Environmental Information Data Centre.


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Global maps, of the change in annual runoff (%) and water scarcity (index value between 1 – 4, where 1 represents not water scarce and 4 is severely water scarce) were as estimated based on projections from 5 different general circulation models/ global climate models (GCMs) were obtained directly from Prof. N. Arnell (University of Reading).
Global maps of the current cropland area were directly downloaded from, which is an open access platform that hosts the most up to date versions of data. Maps of croplands were created based on a mixture of satellite derived data mixed with national, state and country census statistics, and were expressed on a global 5 arc-minute grid.

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Fitton, N.
University of Aberdeen
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Fitton, N.
University of Aberdeen

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