Rey Vicario, D.; Salmoral, G.; Pardthaisong, L.; Visessri, S.; Ekkawatpanit, C.; Sutcliffe, C.; Holman, I.P.

Survey responses from farmers on strengthening agricultural drought resilience in Thailand, 2020

This dataset contains the results of a farmers’ survey in the Ping Catchment in Thailand. The aim of this survey was to identify the specific socioeconomic impacts that historical droughts in the Ping catchment have had for agricultural communities, and identify factors affecting adaptation decisions, as well as analyse the communications with and amongst farmers at the local scale in the Ping catchment during drought.
Villages in the Ping catchment with a history of drought were selected to represent typical agricultural production typologies. In total, 176 questionnaires were completed with a close to even distribution of respondents coming from the provinces of Chiang Mai (n=41), Lamphun (n=45), Kamphaeng Phet (n=45) and Tak (n=45).
Publication date: 2022-07-20