Radbourne, A.D.; Ryves, D.B; Anderson, N.J.

Sediment trap diatom assemblages from Rostherne Mere, Cheshire, UK (2004-2017)

This dataset includes sediment trap diatom captures and water column temperature profiles from a PhD research project at Rostherne Mere in Cheshire. These data were collected to show the relationship between climate, especially short-term climatic perturbations, and diatom assemblages. The sediment trap data cover the period from October 2004 to January 2017, while the thermal profiles cover October 2005 to December 2016. Diatom data is presented with date, percentage taxa abundance and diatom fluxes based on total sediment yield. Temperature profiles are presented as mean daily figures. The work was carried out as part of a Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) funded PhD [grant number NE/L002493/1], with the temperature data funded by the UKLEON (UK Lake Ecological Observatory Network) project via a NERC small grant [grant number NE/I007261/1].
Publication date: 2018-08-15