Mason, K.E.; Ashwood, F.; Schmidt, O.; Cosby, J.; Keith, A.M.

A compendium of earthworm data sources and associated information from the UK and Ireland, 1891-2021

This dataset presents a compendium of field-based earthworm data sources and associated meta-data from across the United Kingdom and Ireland (‘Worm source’). These were compiled up to 2021 and include 257 data sources, the earliest dating back to 1891. Source meta-data covers the type of quantitative earthworm data (i.e. incidence, abundance, biomass, taxa), methodological details (e.g. sampling method/s, location/s, whether sampled plots were natural or experimental, sampling year/s), and environmental information (e.g. habitat/land-use, inclusion of climate data and basic soil properties). Data sources were collected through literature searches on Web of Science and Google Scholar, as well as directly from original authors/data holders where possible. The data sources were compiled with the aim of gathering quantitative data on earthworm species and populations to develop earthworm abundance and niche models, and toward a modelling framework for earthworm impacts on soil processes.

This work is part of the Soil Organic Carbon Dynamics (SOC-D) project funded by the NERC UK-SCAPE programme (Grant reference NE/R016429/1).
Publication date: 2022-05-30