Keith, A.M. et al

Topsoil meso-fauna data from the Glastir Monitoring and Evaluation Programme, Wales 2013-2014

This data set includes counts of soil meso-fauna collected from topsoil within a wide range of land use types across Wales, collected as part of the Glastir Monitoring and Evaluation Programme (GMEP). Meso-fauna include collembola (springtails) and acari (mites).

The monitoring programme was set up by the Welsh Government in 2013 to monitor the effects of the Glastir agri-environment scheme on the environment and ran from 2013 to 2016. The field survey element was based on a stratified random sampling design of 300 x 1km square sites across Wales, and was managed by the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology.
Publication date: 2019-11-18