Dugdale, S.J. et al

Vegetation data from the South Fork McKenzie River in Oregon, USA after a wildfire event, 2021

Vegetation survey data comprise per-quadrat species level data and abundances, abundance cover classes (following Braun-Blanquet method), family, growth duration, habitat and native species. Data also contain ground cover class and Denisom reading for tree canopy cover.

Data were collected from the South Fork McKenzie river, Oregon, USA in June 2021 following the Holiday Farm wildfire in Autumn 2020. Vegetation surveys were conducted in restored and unrestored reaches of the South Fork McKenzie River with a view to quantifying differences in vegetation response to wildfire in the restored vs. unrestored river reaches.

The study was conducted by the University of Nottingham, with data collected by partners from The US Forest Service, Portland State University, Washington State University and Colorado State University. Funding for the work was received from the Natural Environment Research Council.
Publication date: 2023-01-04