Arce, A. et al

UK museum specimen metadata and procrustes distance between left and right forewings, for five bumblebee species

Data comprise the collection label details of museums specimens for five bumblebee species (Bombus hortorum, B. muscorum, B. lapidarius, B. pascuorum and B. sylvarum) from five UK museums (Natural History Museum (London), National Museums Scotland, Oxford University Museum of Natural History, Tullie House Museum and Art Gallery, and World Museum (Liverpool)).

The details include species, collector, date collected, location, and caste. The location for each specimen was geotagged using Google Maps’ Geocoding application programming interface. Each specimen had its left and right forewing landmarked, with the wing shapes aligned using a Procrustes alignment, and Procrustes distance between the wings calculated.

The data came from a digitisation program as part of a NERC funded Standard Grant awarded to R. Gill (NE/P012574/1) and I. Barnes (NE/P012914/1).

Publication date: 2022-07-25

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You must cite: Arce, A.; Cantwell-Jones, A.; Tansley, M.; Barnes, I.; Brace, S.; Mullin, M.; Notton, D.; Ollerton, J.; Eatough, E.; Rhodes, M.W.; Bian, X.; Hogan, J.; Hunter, T.; Jackson, S.; Whiffin, A.; Blagoderov, V.; Broad, G.; Judd, S.; Kokkini, P.; Livermore, L.; Dixit, M.K.; Pearse, W.D.; Gill, R. (2022). UK museum specimen metadata and procrustes distance between left and right forewings, for five bumblebee species. NERC EDS Environmental Information Data Centre.



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Provenance & quality

Bumblebee museum collections were digitised (label data entered digitally, and dorsal images taken using an SLR digital camera). Bumblebees where all landmarks could be seen on the wings in the images were landmarked. For left and right wings showing high angle differentials or high degree of tilting, the respective specimens were filtered out from the analysis. Please see the documentation accompanying this dataset for further information.

Correspondence/contact details

Richard Gill
Imperial College London


Arce, A.
Imperial College London
Cantwell-Jones, A.
Imperial College London
Tansley, M.
Imperial College London
Barnes, I.
Natural History Museum (London)
Brace, S.
Natural History Museum (London)
Mullin, M.
Natural History Museum (London)
Notton, D.
Natural History Museum (London)
Ollerton, J.
University of Northampton
Eatough, E.
Imperial College London
Rhodes, M.W.
Imperial College London
Bian, X.
Imperial College London
Hogan, J.
Oxford University Museum of Natural History
Hunter, T.
World Museum (Liverpool)
Jackson, S.
Tullie House Museum and Art Gallery Trust
Whiffin, A.
National Museum Scotland
Blagoderov, V.
National Museum Scotland
Broad, G.
Natural History Museum (London)
Judd, S.
World Museum (Liverpool)
Kokkini, P.
Natural History Museum (London)
Livermore, L.
Natural History Museum (London)
Dixit, M.K.
Imperial College London
Pearse, W.D.
Imperial College London
Gill, R.
Imperial College London

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NERC EDS Environmental Information Data Centre
NERC EDS Environmental Information Data Centre
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Imperial College London

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Bumblebee,  Centuary,  Climate and climate change Distance,  Fluctuating asymmetry,  insect declines,  Museums,  Procustes,  Specimen,  Stress,  UK,  Wing shape
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Natural Environment Research Council Award: NE/P012574/1
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Tabular (text)
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OSGB 1936 / British National Grid
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