Feuchtmayr, H.; Rankin, G.; McShane, G.

Hourly water temperature of 28 experimental mesocosms and air temperature from July to September 2022

The dataset comprises hourly water temperature data of an experimental mesocosm facility as well as air temperatures from beginning of July to end of September 2022. The experiment aimed to investigate the effect of different nutrient regimes on Taste and Odour issues. Mesocosms were filled with reservoir water and water temperature was measured by platinum resistance thermometers (PRT) shaded by a plastic cover, sited around mid-depth, radially offset by 30 cm from the mesocosm's side wall and logged by a Campbell Scientific Data Logger. Air temperature was measured at a weather station within the mesocosm compound (Vaisala weather transmitter WXT520) at around 2.7m height.
Publication date: 2023-05-15