TSDA Targeting revisits tool

These Targeting Revisits Maps, were created to help recorders make the most of their time out recording insects. A Targeting Revisits Map shows the pattern of insect recording in 1km grid squares and highlights squares that are ‘well recorded’ (with records from more than one year) and squares that are ‘targets for revisits’ (with records from only one year in the past). In 2020 the Targeting Revisits Map for Grasshoppers and bushcrickets was created and in 2021 this was updated to include Targeting Revisits Maps for Craneflies, Ground beetles and Soldierflies.

The Targeting Revisits Maps were developed by UKCEH with support from Natural Environment Research Council award number NE/R016429/1 as part of the UK-SCAPE programme delivering National Capability, and the JNCC through the TSDA (Terrestrial Surveillance Development and Analysis) project