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Hewitt, S.; Warry, A.; Dyer, P.S.; Avery, S.

Heterogeneity and environmental stress resistance of wild yeast isolates

This dataset contains analytical results for wild yeast isolates from soil samples at and near a disused metal smelting works in the north-east of the UK. The main contaminant from the smelting works was lead (Pb), but Cd was also elevated. The soil near the smelting works showed above-background levels of Pb. Yeasts of similar colony morphology on laboratory agar were isolated and proved to be mostly isolates of Saitozyma podzolica: 56 independent clonal isolates of this yeast were confirmed by ITS sequencing and RAPD-PCR. All of the S. podzolica isolates were tested for Pb and Cd resistance (IC50) and heteroresistance. Heteroresistance indicated variation in metal resistance between individual cells of clonal populations. Some isolates were also tested with Zn. The genomes of the isolates were sequenced and sequence data submitted to the NCBI/EBI.
Publication date: 2019-10-10