Werkmeister, G.A. et al

Temperature and humidity data supporting use of an in situ passive heating method, and associated whole tree responses, Cerrado, Brazil, 2020

The data include temperature and relative humidity (RH) values recorded every minute inside and outside whole-tree, passive heating, open top chambers. Respiration and photosynthesis rates were recorded (at incremental controlled leaf temperatures) on leaves on study individuals of Erythroxylum suberosum growing inside and outside the chambers.

Temperature, RH, and solar irradiance were measured every fifteen minutes by local weather station are also included for the whole testing period, June to September 2020, in an area of typical Cerrado, Bacaba Park, Nova Xavantina, Brazil.

The data were collected to enable development of methodology and testing of, a novel in situ passive heating method for evaluating whole-tree responses to daytime warming in remote environments using an open top chamber.
Publication date: 2023-06-22