Cole, B.; King, S.; Ogutu, B.; Palmer, D.; Smith, G.; Balzter, H.

Corine land cover 2012 for the UK, Jersey and Guernsey

This dataset for the UK, Jersey and Guernsey contains the Corine Land Cover (CLC) for 2012 (CLC2012). This dataset has been created from combining the 2012 land cover layers from the individual CLC files for the UK, Jersey and Guernsey.

CLC is a dataset produced within the frame of the Initial Operations of the Copernicus programme (the European Earth monitoring programme previously known as GMES) on land monitoring. CLC provides consistent information on land cover and land cover changes across Europe. This inventory was initiated in 1985 (initial year 1990) and then established a time series of land cover information with updates in 2000 and 2006 the last one being the 2012 reference year.

CLC products are based on the analysis of satellite images by national teams of participating countries - the EEA member and cooperating countries - following a standard methodology and nomenclature with the following base parameters:
- 44 classes in the hierarchical three level Corine nomenclature;
- Minimum mapping unit (MMU) for status layers is 25 hectares;
- Minimum width of linear elements is 100 metres;

The resulting national land cover inventories are further integrated into a seamless land cover map of Europe. Land cover and land use (LCLU) information is important not only for land change research, but also more broadly for the monitoring of environmental change, policy support, the creation of environmental indicators and reporting. CLC datasets provide important datasets supporting the implementation of key priority areas of the Environment Action Programmes of the European Union as protecting ecosystems, halting the loss of biological diversity, tracking the impacts of climate change, assessing developments in agriculture and implementing the EU Water Framework Directive, among others.

Publication date: 2015-07-17

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Format of the dataset : Shapefile

You must cite: Cole, B.; King, S.; Ogutu, B.; Palmer, D.; Smith, G.; Balzter, H. (2015). Corine land cover 2012 for the UK, Jersey and Guernsey. NERC Environmental Information Data Centre.


Copyright rests with the European Commission

Acknowledgement: Produced by the University of Leicester, The Centre for Landscape and Climate Research and Specto Natura and supported by Defra and the European Environment Agency under Grant Agreement 3541/B2012/R0-GIO/EEA.55055 with funding by the European Union.


Study area
Temporal extent
2006-01-01    to    2012-12-31

Supplemental information

This dataset is referenced in:

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Cole, B., Smith, G., & Balzter, H. (2018). Acceleration and fragmentation of CORINE land cover changes in the United Kingdom from 2006–2012 detected by Copernicus IMAGE2012 satellite data. International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation, 73, 107–122.

Other useful information regarding this dataset:

Links to Pan-European High Resolution Layers (HRL) which provide information on specific land cover characteristics, and are complementary to the CORINE land cover (CLC) datasets.

Provenance & quality

The Corine Land Cover database for the UK has been updated for the reference year 2012. Main objective of the project was the detection, identification and mapping of all land cover changes above 5 ha. Satellite images from 2011 to 2013 served as the basis for image interpretation. Aerial Imagery from Google Earth was used to support the interpretation process. Contrary to previous versions of the UK CLC, this time no up-to-date national land cover map was available. The last update of the National Land Cover Map stems from 2007 (LCM2007) and is closer to the CLC2006 status database than the new update reference. The EEA technical guidelines were followed for production using the InterChange support package for mapping CLC changes, and revising the 2006 map.

The shapefile has been created by combining the 2012 layers from the individual CLC database files: CLC2012_UK.mdb (Corine land cover for the UK), CLC2012_JE.mdb (Corine land cover for Jersey) and CLC2012_GG (Corine land cover for Guernsey). The projected coordinate system has been converted to WGS 84.

Correspondence/contact details

Dr. Beth Cole
The University of Leicester
School of Geography, Geology and the Environment, Bennett Building, University Road


Cole, B.
The University of Leicester
King, S.
The University of Leicester
Ogutu, B.
The University of Leicester
Palmer, D.
The University of Leicester
Smith, G.
Specto Natura
Balzter, H.
The University of Leicester

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Environmental Information Data Centre
NERC Environmental Information Data Centre
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WGS 84


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