Reinsch, S.; Brooks, M.R.; Winterbourn, J.B.; Harvey, R.J.; Robinson, D.A.; Emmett, B.A.

Daily automated weather station (AWS) data from Climoor field site in Clocaenog Forest 2015-2016

This dataset combines daily automated weather station (AWS) from the Climoor field site in Clocaenog forest, North East Wales The data are on relative humidity (percent), air temperature (degrees Celsius), rainfall (millimetres), air pressure (millibars), net radiation (millivolts), solar radiation (Kilowatts per square metre per second), photosynthetic active radiation (PAR), (micromol per square metre per second), wind speed (metres per second) and wind direction (degrees). These data are an extension for the Daily automated weather station dataset (1998-2015) for the time period July 2015 to August 2016. Data were not collected between 9th October 2015 and 3rd November 2015 due to problems with the sensors. Data are recorded in minute intervals. Up to January 2016 the data were averaged hourly, after January 2016 data were averaged half hourly. Data are then to averaged to daily values, which are reported here. Data collection, processing and quality checking was carried out by members of CEH Bangor staff.

The Climoor field experiment intends to answer questions regarding the effects of warming and drought on ecosystem processes. The reported data are collected to monitor site specific environmental conditions and their development with time. These data are important to interpret results that are collected from the climate change manipulations imposed in the field.
Publication date: 2016-10-31