Bell, V.A.; Rudd, A.C.; Kay, A.L.; Davies, H.N.

Grid-to-Grid model estimates of monthly mean flow and soil moisture for Great Britain: weather@home2 (climate model) driving data [MaRIUS-G2G-WAH2-monthly]

This dataset is a model output, from the Grid-to-Grid hydrological model driven by weather@home2 climate model data. It provides a 100-member ensemble of monthly mean flow (m3/s) and soil moisture (mm water/m soil) on a 1 km grid for the following time periods: historical baseline (HISTBS: 1900-2006), near-future (NF: 2020-2049) and far-future (FF: 2070-2099). It also includes a baseline period (BS: 1975-2004).

To aid interpretation, two additional spatial datasets are provided:
- Digitally-derived catchment areas on a 1km x 1km grid
- Estimated locations of flow gauging stations on a 1km x 1km grid and as a csv file.

The data were produced as part of MaRIUS (Managing the Risks, Impacts and Uncertainties of drought and water Scarcity), which was a UK NERC-funded research project (2014-2017) that developed a risk-based approach to drought and water scarcity.
Publication date: 2018-03-12