Bell, V.A. et al

Collated neutron probe measurements and derived soil moisture data, UK, 1966-2013

The dataset of neutron probe soil moisture observations for 112 sites (428 probe locations) from 1966 to 2013 includes 4 comma-separated tables, derived from the UK Soil Moisture Databank.

The data include:
• Neutron probe readings (number of neutrons) and Volumetric soil moisture content (m3 m-3) at a range of soil depths
• Profile moisture content (m3 m-3) to a range of soil depths
• Metadata (includes probe location, maximum depth of readings, soil type, vegetation, start date, end date)
• Relevant publications (references and URL where available) for individual datasets

The tube site locations are provided as British National Grid references and latitude/longitude in the tube metadata file. Depths of tube readings are provided in metres.
Publication date: 2022-05-19