Hatfield, J.; Banks-Leite, C.

Bird survey data from the Atlantic Forest of Brazil, 2015-2017

The data contains bird species records from the Vale do Paraíba and Serra do Mar regions in the state of São Paulo, Brazil. Bird species were surveyed using point counts between December 2015 and February 2017, with four temporal replicates per point for which the number of replicates in which each bird species was detected is recorded. A total of thirty-four fragmented and fifteen near continuous land-use landscapes were surveyed using a nine-point grid system with each point separated by 75m. For fragmented landscapes three of the points were situated within a native forest fragment, three at the fragment edge and three in the surrounding matrix habitat. Fifteen fragments had a Eucalyptus plantation matrix and nineteen had a pasture matrix. Continuous land-use landscapes were split equally between native forest, plantation forest and pasture. A total of 267 bird species were detected across the different land-use types.
Publication date: 2019-01-16