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Gray, R.E.J.; Slade, E.M.; Chung, A.Y.C.; Lewis, O.T.

Mark-Release-Recapture data showing moth and dung beetle movements in riparian reserves within the SAFE project landscape, Malaysian Borneo, 2016-17

This dataset consists of moth and dung beetle recapture, movement, and trait data from a mark-release-recapture experiment conducted within riparian forest reserves, in an oil palm landscape in Sabah, Malaysian Borneo conducted as part of the SAFE project (Stability of Altered Forest Ecosystems). This resource includes information regarding the recapture frequency and movement behaviour of both moths and dung beetles with respect to three habitat types: riparian forest reserve, continuous forest, and oil palm plantation. These data were collected to assess the extent in which moths and dung beetles use riparian forest reserves, relative to the oil palm plantations, as movement corridors between continuous forest. Data was collected between 2016 and 2017, as part of the Land use Options of Maintaining BiOdiversity and eKosystem functions project (LOMBOK), a part of the Human Modified Tropical Forests Programme (HMTF)
Publication date: 2018-09-28