Osório, B.; Redhead, J.W.; Jarvis, S.G.; May, L.; Pywell, R.F.

CEH Land Cover plus: Fertilisers 2010-2015 (England)
(Fertiliser application maps for England (2010-2015))

This product consists of maps of predicted average annual application rates of three different inorganic chemical fertilisers – nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) - in England across a six-year period (2010-2015). The estimates, along with their respective estimates of uncertainty, are provided at a 1 km x 1 km resolution. These data were modelled from Defra British Survey of Fertiliser Practice (BSFP) data using a spatial interpolation procedure.

Different uses and potential applications of the produced maps, including the following:
1) Modelling nutrient fate to predict impacts of changes in farming practices (intensification/extensification) on nutrient runoff to water;
2) Estimating greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions due to fertiliser application to crops and grassland (linked with air quality impacts);
3) Quantifying past and future impacts of eutrophication and/or agricultural management on agricultural ecosystems and indicators such as arable plants, farmland birds, pollinators;
4) Linking crop growth models to predict areas where better nutrient management may improve yields;
5) Improving policies aimed at mitigating negative impacts of fertiliser use (e.g. catchment sensitive farming to reduce pollution and/or improve water quality).

This data product was funded by the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) under research programme NE/N018125/1 Achieving Sustainable Agricultural Systems (ASSIST). ASSIST is an initiative jointly supported by NERC and the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC).

Publication date: 2019-02-04


Study area
Temporal extent
2010-01-01    to    2015-12-31

Provenance & quality

These maps were created under the ASSIST (Achieving Sustainable Agricultural Systems) project by staff at the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology to enable exploration of the impacts of agrochemical usage on the environment, enabling farmers and policymakers to implement better, more sustainable agricultural practices.

The maps use data from the British Survey of Fertiliser Practice (BSFP) (DEFRA) and CEH Land Cover® plus: Crops and have been assessed for quality. For further information, please see the supporting documentation available with this data product.

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Osório, B.
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Redhead, J.W.
Centre for Ecology & Hydrology
Jarvis, S.G.
Centre for Ecology & Hydrology
May, L.
Centre for Ecology & Hydrology
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