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Powell, P.A.; Gutierrez-Angonese, J.; Burslem, D.F.R.P.; Travis, J.M.J.; Jiménez, Y.G.; Montti, L.

Land cover maps of Sierra de San Javier, Tucumán, Argentina, 1986-2018

The data resource consists of a series of land cover maps built using raster and shapefiles to evaluate the expansion of the invasive Ligustrum lucidum forest cover in Sierra de San Javier (Yungas forest ecoregion). The classification was conducted to investigate the expansion of the invasion of non-native species Ligustrum at the landscape scale and to model future management strategies using RangeShifter software.
The data includes 4 maps with 8 classes of land used: Ligustrum forest; Subtropical montane forest; Dry forest; Montane grasslands; Anthropogenic grasslands and shrubland used for livestock and temporary agriculture, a mixed class including also herbaceous agriculture and low-density urban areas; Sugar cane; Citrus plantations, mostly lemon; high/medium-density urban and build up areas.
The work was carried out as part of NERC grant NE/S011641/1 Optimising the long-term management of invasive species affecting biodiversity and the rural economy using adaptive management
Publication date: 2024-06-12