Zelazowski, P.; Huntingford, C.; Mercado, L.M.; Schaller, N.

GCM-based monthly patterns of local meteorological change, per degree of mean land warming, for driving the IMOGEN impacts model

This dataset consists of monthly spatial patterns of meteorological change for 22 Global Circulation Models (GCMs). The patterns are a set of regression coefficients, each representing the change per degree of mean global warming over land, for the corresponding meteorological variable. The meteorological variables analysed for each GCM include: surface temperature change per degree global warming (K/K); surface relative humidity change per degree global warming (%/K); wind change per degree global warming (m/s/K); longwave change per degree global warming (W/m2/K); shortwave change per degree global warming (W/m2/K); precipitation change per degree global warming (mm/day/K) and pressure change per degree global warming (hPa/K).

The 22 GCMs emulated are: BCCR-BCM2.0, CGCM3.1(T47), CNRM-CM3, CSIRO-Mk3.0, CSIRO-Mk3.5, GFDL-CM2.0, GFDL-CM2.1, GISS-EH, GISS-ER, FGOALS-g1.0, INGV-SXG, INM-CM3.0, IPSL-CM4, MIROC3.2(hires), MIROC3.2(medres), ECHO-G, ECHAM5/MPI-OM, MRI-CGCM2.3.2, CCSM3, PCM, UKMO-HadCM3, UKMO-HadGEM1.

The supporting information document associated with this metadata includes parameters for an energy balance model (IMOGEN EBM) that calculates the amount of global warming. Each GCM output has been re-mapped on to UKMO-HadCM3 grid, with resolution of 3.75 deg longitude and 2.5 deg latitude; this produces a surface spatial resolution of about 417 km E-W x 278 km N-S, reducing to 295 km E-W x 278 km N-S at 45 degrees North and South. This corresponds to 1631 land points, each of which has a row in the provided data files.

The data presented here is calibration of IMOGEN EBM parameters and patterns against 22 GCMs in the CMIP3 GCM ensemble.
Publication date: 2016-10-10