European Monitoring and Evaluation Program Model for the UK (EMEP4UK) atmospheric composition and deposition for UK-SCAPE (2002-2021)

This dataset is a model output from the European Monitoring and Evaluation Programme (EMEP) model applied to the UK (EMEP4UK) driven by Weather and Research Forecast model meteorology (WRF). It provides UK estimates daily averaged atmospheric composition at 3x3 km2 grid for the years 2002 to 2021.

The data consists of atmospheric composition and deposition values of various pollutants; including PM10, PM2.5, secondary organic aerosols (SOA), elemental carbon (EC), secondary inorganic aerosols (SIA), SO2, NH3, NOX, and O3.

The EMEP4UK model version used here is rv4.36, and the WRF model version is the 4.2.2.

The data collections consists of four data sets containing:

- daily atmospheric composition for 2002-2021,
- monthly atmospheric dry and wet deposition for 2002-2021,
- annual vegetation specific dry deposition for 2018, and
- high resolution annual vegetation specific dry deposition for 2018