Jackson, T.

Strain measurements on 21 trees in Wytham Woods, UK

This data contains the strain and wind data collected for 21 trees in Wytham Woods, a mature temperate woodland in southern England, from September 2015 to June 2016. This data was collected in order to (a) extract the resonant frequencies of trees, (b) to estimate the critical wind speeds at which the trees would break and (c) to test a finite element model of tree-wind dynamics.

The strain data was collected at 4Hz using two strain gauges per tree attached at 1.3metres on the trunk and approximately perpendicular to each other. The wind data provided were collected from the canopy walkway in Wytham Woods using a cup anemometer (Vector Instruments A100LK/5M) in winter and a Gill Sonic-1 in summer, the time resolution varies between these instruments. Local climate data, including long term wind data, are available from the Environmental Change Network (https://doi.org/10.5285/fc9bcd1c-e3fc-4c5a-b569-2fe62d40f2f5 or data.ecn.ac.uk).

Publication date: 2018-02-14

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You must cite: Jackson, T. (2018). Strain measurements on 21 trees in Wytham Woods, UK. NERC Environmental Information Data Centre. https://doi.org/10.5285/533d87d3-48c1-4c6e-9f2f-fda273ab45bc



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2015-09-01    to    2016-06-30

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This data set consists of strain measurements for 21 trees in Wytham Woods, Oxfordshire. This data can be used to estimate the characteristic swaying behaviour of trees in the wind and to characterize the wind-strain relationship. Pairs of strain gauges were attached (approximately perpendicular to each other) to the tree trunks at 1.3m height and readings were logged at 4Hz. The data provided has been calibrated, as described in the readme file. Please contact the author (tobydjackson@gmail.com) for the raw data files. Data processing scripts can be downloaded from (https://github.com/TobyDJackson/WindAndTrees_Wytham). Wind data, measured within the canopy, is also provided.

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Toby Jackson
University of Oxford
Environmental Change Institute, School of Geography and the Environment,


Jackson, T.
University of Oxford

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biomechanics,  forest,  resonant frequency,  strain,  tree,  wind damage,  Wytham Woods
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