Mugabo, M. ; Gilljam, D.; Petteway, L.; Yuan, C.; Fowler, M. S.; Sait, S. M

Population count data from a resource degradation and temperature variation population dynamics experiment in the Plodia-Venturia host-parasitoid interaction

This dataset contains information on population counts in experimental populations of Plodia interpunctella (Pyralidae; Hübner) and the parasitoid wasp Venturia canescens (Ichneumonidae; Gravenhorst).

The data was collected from a multi-generation microcosm experiment carried out to characterise the combined effects of daily stochastic temperature fluctuations and resource degradation on population responses in the Plodia-Venturia host-parasitoid trophic interaction. The population count data include the weekly total numbers of dead adult hosts and parasitoids and the numbers of live early (L1-L3) and late (L4-L5) host instars and of host and parasitoid pupae in half sections of diet removed weekly and replaced by fresh diet (half sections are a 12th of experimental population boxes). The temperature time series data include the date and daily temperature in the fluctuating temperatures treatment.
Publication date: 2019-06-17