Redhead, J.; Murphy, J.

Riparian vegetation structure data for three intensively studied Wessex chalkstream sites, England, UK

A measure of the extent and complexity of riprian vegetation upstream of chalkstream sites derived from Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) data for three chalkstream sites within the Wessex chalk area (River Till, River Wylye and Nine Mile River). For each site there is an estimate of the minimum, maximum, mean and standard deviation height of vegetation along the banks for a range of distances upstream from the sampling location. Information on the extent and complexity of riparian vegetation upstream of chalkstream sites were used to better understand the relationships between in-stream biological communities and catchment and riparian land use. Stream sites surveyed represented a sample of chalkstreams across a gradient of catchment land cover intensification from catchments dominated by extensive calcareous grassland and woodland (Nine Mile River) to those dominated by arable and improved grasslands (Wylye). LiDAR data were obtained from the Environment Agency in April 2014. This dataset was created as part of work package 3.2 of the Wessex Biodiversity & Ecosystem Service Sustainability (BESS) project.
Publication date: 2017-06-26