Lugli, L.F. et al

Fine root phosphatase enzyme activity in fertilised plots in Central Amazon, 2018

The data consists of potential phosphatase activity released by fine roots in old growth forests in Central Amazon. Fine roots younger than three months were sampled using the ingrowth core technique in a large-scale nutrient fertilisation experiment. Phosphatase activity is given as a mean of the plant community per plot, where five points inside each plot were sampled and separated in two different soil layers (0-10 and 10-30cm).

Samples were collected in February 2018, eight months after the nutrient fertilisation started at the AFEX project area in Manaus, Brazil at the Biological Dynamics of Forest Fragments Project (BDFFP/ INPA).

The study was funded by NERC, BDFFP (logistical support) and Brazilian government (student scholarship)

Publication date: 2020-04-03

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You must cite: Lugli, L.F.; Quesada, C.A.N.; Andersen, K.M.; Mercado, L.M.; Fuchslueger, L.; Martins, N.P.; Schaap, K. J.; Hartley, I.P. (2020). Fine root phosphatase enzyme activity in fertilised plots in Central Amazon, 2018. NERC Environmental Information Data Centre.


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2018-02-01    to    2018-09-30

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Root tips, that usually to refer absorptive fine roots directly responsible for nutrient acquisition, were cut from root sampled using ingrowth cores and potential root acid phosphomonoesterase activity was measured within 3 days of root sampling using a fluorimetric microplate assay. Roots were incubated with Methylumbelliferyl-phosphate (MUF) for 30 minutes at ~ 25 ˚C while gently shaking, and after the termination of the reaction fluorescence was read on a fluorometer (Tecan Infinite® 200 PRO, Grödig, Austria), at 365 nm excitation and 450 nm emission. Root phosphatase activity per plot was expressed in μmol MUF g−1 dry mass h


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Amazon Fertilization Experiment (AFEX) in Central Amazon, Brazil (2017 - 2020)

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Laynara Lugli
National Institute of Amazonian Research, Brazil
Prof. Iain Hartely
University of Exeter


Lugli, L.F.
National Institute of Amazonian Research, Brazil
Quesada, C.A.N.
National Institute of Amazonian Research, Brazil
Andersen, K.M.
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Mercado, L.M.
University of Exeter
Fuchslueger, L.
University of Vienna, Austria
Martins, N.P.
National Institute of Amazonian Research, Brazil
Schaap, K. J.
National Institute of Amazonian Researches, Brazil
Hartley, I.P.
University of Exeter

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NERC Environmental Information Data Centre

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