Laize, C.L.R.; Bruna Meredith, C.

Water temperatures for the period 1984 to 2007 at 35 sites on 21 UK rivers

Seasonal average water temperatures for some UK rivers, 1984 to 2007- data are derived from other CEH projects and collated here. The rivers are Afon Gwy, Allt a Mharcaidh, Allt na Coire nan Con, Bere Stream, Bovington Stream, Dargall Lane, Devils Book, Frome, Great Ouse, Hafren, Hooke, Hore, Lambourn, Nant y Gronwen, Narrator Brook, Old Lodge, Pang, Piddle, River Etherow, Sydling Water and Tadnoll.
Publication date: 2015-01-27