Broughton, R.K.; Bellamy, P.E.; Hinsley, S.A

Tree and shrub vegetation surveys in Monks Wood National Nature Reserve, Cambridgeshire, England, 2005-2006

Vegetation surveys from 35 transects in 2005 and 34 transects in 2006, focusing on tree and shrub abundance and sizes, in Monks Wood National Nature Reserve (Cambridgeshire, England). The transects were located in occupied territories of Marsh Tits, and also unoccupied areas of the wood used as controls, in order to sample the birds' habitat. However, the surveys also provide representative and widespread sampling of the overall woodland. The surveys include all woody tree and shrub species, and also standing and fallen deadwood, in different size categories. Fieldwork was undertaken and supervised by the authors and funded by the Natural Environment Research Council's National Capability investment.
Publication date: 2021-01-11