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Masante, D.; Thomas, A.R.C.

Simulated landscape metrics of configuration and Ecosystem Service provision across virtual landscapes, based within River Conwy

These data are metrics of landscape configuration and modelled provision of Ecosystem services for a large number of virtual landscapes (c. 7500) superimposed on real topography. The landscapes are made up of patches of woodland interspersed across a grassland, and were generated with the landscapeR package in R. The topography used is from the Conwy catchment, split into 10 sections to enable comparison between topographies. Metrics were generated for each virtual landscape to quantify landscape configuration. An Ecosystem Services model (LUCI) was run to calculate a metric of “area mitigated” as a proxy for the provision of runoff mitigation Ecosystem Services. Simulated landscapes were established to answer two questions: firstly to identify the relative controls of patch area and fragmentation on service provision and secondly to identify catchment feature controls on these relationships.

The work was done by Dario Masante and Amy Thomas, with input from Laurence Jones, as part of work under the NERC Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (BESS) project NERC Grant Ref: NE/K015508/1.
Publication date: 2019-09-30