Pescott, O.L.

A systematic florula of a disturbed urban habitat, Sheffield, England: Plant occupancy data

Plant occupancy data from a survey of a disturbed urban habitat. The survey is an occupancy study of the vascular plants of 16 500 x 500 m (0.25 km2) urban grid cells, stratified by quadrant at the scale of the focal city (Sheffield, England) in order to provide more even coverage. Few systematic, randomised surveys at fine spatial grain exist for urban habitats, and even fewer of these surveys are in the public domain. This study was designed as a systematic florula (i.e. a small flora) of a relatively discrete urban habitat in order to provide a baseline that would enable robust insights into future environmental change. In addition, the dataset is likely to be useful for comparative studies of plant traits, particularly those of highly disturbed habitats.
Publication date: 2016-09-13