Ryalls, J.M.W. et al

Invertebrates identified in pitfall traps within diesel exhaust and ozone fumigation rings, Sonning, UK, 2018-2019

The dataset contains abundances of invertebrates collected from pitfall traps within eight field-based diesel exhaust and ozone fumigation rings located at the University of Reading’s Sonning Farm, UK. Rings were fumigated with diesel exhaust, ozone or both pollutants during two full summer seasons (April-October 2018 and 2019). Pitfall traps contained 500 mL 20% propylene glycol (including detergent to break the surface tension), which was filtered through mesh by two field researchers before collecting invertebrate samples within 50mL centrifuge tubes (one tube per pitfall trap) and placing in a -20 °C freezer prior to classification.
Publication date: 2022-02-16